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Salon 56
Salon 56


Salon 56 was recently presented with the Professional Partner Recognition Award by Bellus Academy. We are proud to receive this recognition!

The work of stylists from Salon 56 is currently being featured in national publications, including Inspire Volume 75 Hair Gallery magazine's "Sexiest Looks for 2010" issue! See these amazing makeovers for yourself:

Bridal Gallery BE Magazine Hair Gallery Hair Gallery
Inspire Inspire Inspire BE magazine

Salon 56 Staff
92129 Magazine (PDF)

Michael Canada
Hair Gallery (PDF)  (Makeup Artist: Sara Wayne)

Gerine Coronado
Hair Gallery (PDF)  (Makeup Artist: Gerine Coronado)  //  Inspire (PDF)  (Makeup Artist: Gerine Coronado)  //  Inspire (PDF) (Makeup Artist: Gerine Coronado)  //  Inspire (PDF) (Makeup Artist: Gerine Coronado)

Brenda Crane
Hairstyles (PDF)  (Makeup Artist: Gerine Coronado)

Maria Grijalva
Inspire (PDF)
  (Makeup Artist: Gerine Coronado)

Chrissy Holt
Inspire (PDF)  (Makeup Artist: Jamie Queenin)

Stacy Klepach
Inspire (PDF)
  (Makeup Artitst: Stacy Klepach)  //  Inspire (PDF) (Makeup Artitst: Stacy Klepach)

Bridgette Luft
Hair Gallery (PDF)  (Makeup Artist: Stacy Klepach)

Cathy McKinney
Inspire (PDF)  (Makeup Artist: Harold Morris)  //  Inspire (PDF)  (Makeup Artist: Gerine Coronado)

Jaimie Olvera
Inspire (PDF)
  (Makeup Artist: Gerine Coronado)  //  Inspire (PDF)  //  Makeup Artist: Jamie Queenin

Lynda Salgado
Hair Gallery (PDF)
  (Makeup Artist: Jaime Queenin)

Katie Sartini
Hairstyles (PDF)  (Makeup Artist: Sara Wayne)  //  Inspire (PDF) (Makeup Artist: Harold Morris)

Jessica Smith
Inspire (PDF)  (Makeup Artist: Gerine Coronado)

Noelle Tehrani
Inspire (PDF)  (Makeup Artist: Gerine Coronado)

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